Ibukinosato Ski Resort

Every Season Mid-December OPEN!

For all visitors :  Due to the effect of COVID-19,  there are some guidelines for all visitors.  Please wear a mask while visiting our ski  resort and keep social distance with others.  We hope all visitors can enjoy skiing,  snowboarding and sledding in this winter.  Please understand that events in this  season may be cancelled or changed.  We are looking forward to your visit.

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Address: Japan 718-0104 Okayama prefecture,
     Niimi city, Chiyahanami 1336-1
Ibukinosato Ski Resort
Te:l +81-867-77-2266 FAX:+81-867-77-2300
E-mail info@ibukinosato.tw


TEL 0867-77-2266

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